How to Submit Your Emergency Filings

If you believe your situation is an emergency, please review these guidelines and instructions:

Per Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order and guidance from the State Court Administrative Office, courts around the state are triaging case filings in order to process emergency and time-sensitive matters quickly. If your situation does not fit one of the following scenarios, you will have to INCLUDE DETAILS in your email or contact the courtroom directly to request an expedited hearing date after your filing has been accepted and processed.

  • Proceedings regarding involuntary mental health treatment under Chapter 4 of the Mental Health Code, including the following:
    • Pick-up / transportation orders pursuant to MCL 330.1436 and 330.1426;
    • Petitions for initial or continuing involuntary hospitalization pursuant to MCL 330.1472a.
  • Petitions for immediate funeral / burial arrangements pursuant to MCL 700.3206 and 700.3614.
  • Emergency petitions filed by Adult Protective Services under MCL 400.11b(6).
  • Emergency petitions for guardianship pursuant to MCL 700.5312
    • where there is a life-threatening situation or the person needs emergency medical care that is not being provided without a guardian.
  • Emergency conservatorships and other protective orders pursuant to MCL 700.5407
    • where there are immediate pending evictions/foreclosures/shut off notices.
  • Estates where immediate access to residence is necessary under MCL 700.3614.
  • Ex-parte requests for temporary restraining orders.

To submit your emergency request by email or fax:

  1. Ensure that your court forms are complete.Review the articles in the Information tab above for specific case types.All probate court forms are available to download here .
  2. Include the new SCAO form MC 505 with your email contact information.The court uses this new form to communicate with you quickly rather than relying on mail service. .*If you are an attorney, this form is not required; the court automatically pulls the email address on file for you from the State Bar of Michigan directory.
  3. Email: You must attach your filings to the email in one single PDF document. The court cannot accept a picture of the document.There are apps available to convert picture images to PDF.You must ensure the document is signed and then scanned or imaged to PDF format. Per MCR 1.109(E)(4)(a), the court can accept a typed signature in the following format: /s/your name. All paperwork must be complete and legible.
  4. Fax: you must submit one complete document in each fax transmission (do not send separate pages in separate transmissions). All paperwork must be complete and legible.
  5. Include “emergency” in your subject line or fax cover sheet with a brief description of the emergency.
  6. Send to the correct email address or fax number depending on the type of filing. Department listing is available here: (opens in new window) Where/How Do I File Where/How Do I File
  7. You should monitor the status of your filing by going to (opens in new window)Case Access (header above) and searching the case number or name.
  8. Your emergency petition will be processed as quickly as possible and a hearing date provided to you by email (so long as you provided one) within one to two business days.
  9. If your emergency request has not been processed within 1-2 business days, you may contact the court to ensure it has been received.
  10. Follow the instructions (opens in new window)here E-Payment Instructions to pay your fee online prior to the hearing.