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Petition for Assignment

Checklist - Small Estate

Michigan law prohibits court employees from providing legal advice and completing forms, petitions, or documents. MCL 700.1211.

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  1. Click here to see if your estate can use the Petition for Assignment procedure.
  2. Note: Only an heir or a person who paid for the funeral bill may file this petition.
  3. If the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) paid a portion of the funeral please contact the Wayne County Central Administration office at 313-456-1308 to obtain a letter as to their reimbursement amount.
  4. Gather the following documents:
    i. Death Certificate
    ii. Copy of Paid Funeral Contract
    iii. Letter from DHHS (see above #3 if applicable)
    iv. Information about Property
    i. Real Estate: Copy of tax statement with state equalized value (SEV) for year of death or appraisal (from certified appraiser) within one year of death.
    ii. Automobile: Year, make, and model; also VIN number, if possible.
    iii. Bank Account: Name of bank and account number or branch location. (Include this information on the MC97 form)
    iv. Stocks: For each stock, name of company, number of shares, and share price on date of death. Certificate numbers or investment account numbers should also be included, if possible.
  5. Fill out the following SCAO forms:
    i. PC 556m, Petition for Assignment
    ii. MC 97, Protected Personal Identifying Information
    • Important Note: You MUST use these forms; you cannot draft your own document.
  6. Click here to find out how you can file your petition.
  7. Submit your documents to the Court in the following order (as one PDF if submitting electronically):
    i. MC 97, Protected Personal Identifying Information
    ii. PC 556m, Petition for Assignment
    iii. Copy of Paid Funeral Contract
    iv. Death Certificate
  8. Filing Fee
    i. $25 Filing Fee + $12 Certified Letter of Authority Fee = $37 plus inventory fee based on the value of estate, see WCPC-Filing/Probate Fees for inventory fee calculator)
    ii. You may calculate the inventory fee by clicking here. If you file electronically or by fax, you will receive a notification to pay with the amount of your total fees, once your filing has been accepted.
    iii. Fees can be paid:
    • i. electronically via ePayment online or
      ii. via mail by MICHIGAN CHECK or MONEY ORDER
      iii. Make checks payable to: “Wayne County Probate Court”
      iv. Mail checks/money order along with a letter with your case # referencing what the payment is for to:
      • Wayne County Probate Court
        2 Woodward Ave.
        1305 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
        Detroit, Mich. 48226
    NOTE: Once accepted for filing refunds will not be given.

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