Minor Conservatorships

Filing Procedures -
Minor Conservatorships


  1. Fill out the following forms:
  2. i. PC 639, Petition for Appointment of Conservator and/or Protective Order
    Note: Addresses of all interested persons must be listed on petition. If missing addresses for any interested persons, after you receive the hearing information, you must arrange for publication. Click here for more information.
    ii. MC 97, Protected Personal Identifying Information
    iii. PC 571, Acceptance of Appointment (signed by proposed conservator)
    iv. MC 97a, Addendum to Protected Personal Identifying Information
    Important Note: You MUST use these forms; you cannot draft your own document.

  3. Click here to find out how you can file your petition

  4. Submit your completed documents to the Court in the following order (as one PDF if submitting electronically):
  5. i. MC 97, Protected Personal Identifying Information
    ii.PC 639, Petition for Appointment of Conservator and/or Protective Order
    iii.PC 571, Acceptance of Appointment
    iv. MC 97a, Addendum to Protected Personal Identifying Information

  6. Filing Fee

    i. $175 Filing Fee
    ii. $12 Certified Letter of Autority Fee
    iii. If you file electronically or by fax, you will receive a notification to pay with the amount of your total fees, once your filing has been accepted.
    iv. Fees can be paid:

    1) electronically via ePayment online or
    2) via mail by CHECK (no out-of-state checks)or MONEY ORDER
    3) Make checks payable to: “Wayne County Probate Court”
    4) Mail checks/money order along with a letter with your case # referencing what the payment is for to:

    Wayne County Probate Court
    1305 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
    2 Woodward Ave.
    Detroit, MI. 48226

    v. A fee waiver request can be submitted together with your petition. Click here to learn about the fee waiver process.
  7. NOTE: Once accepted for filing refunds will not be given.
  8. Hearing Date

    i. Once fee is paid you will be sent notice of hearing information, including ZOOM instructions.
    ii. You must serve a copy of the petition and the hearing information on all the interested persons.
    iii. All hearings are being conducted by ZOOM.
    iv. You must attend the ZOOM hearing or your petition will be dismissed.

  9. Gurdian ad Litem
  10. The Court will typically appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to represent the interests of the parent(s) of the minor alleged to need a conservator if either (1) the parent(s) are also minors or (2) the parent(s) are mentally incapacitated.

    The GAL is not an employee of the court, but a licensed practing attorney appointed.

  11. Letters of Conservatorship

    i. After the hearing, if your petition has been granted and you have paid the $12 fee you will be sent Letters of Conservatorship
    ii. They will be sent via email with an electronic certification
    iii.If you did not provide an email address they will be mailed to you

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