What is it? 

The Wayne County Probate Court Estates and Guardianship Ombudsman receives and investigates complaints regarding guardianship, conservatorship, and decedent’s estates under the Court’s jurisdiction.  The Ombudsman reports his findings to the Chief Judge and makes recommendations regarding the complaints, which may include referral to the Attorney General, County Prosecutor, State Bar Grievance Commission, or any other appropriate governmental entity.  Also, the Ombudsman identifies problems within the guardianship, conservatorship and decedent estates areas and makes recommendations concerning ways to improve the guardianship, conservatorship, and decedent estates system.   

If you think there is a problem with a guardianship, conservatorship, or decedent’s estate, feel free to contact the Estates and Guardianship Ombudsman.  


How do I file a complaint?

There are several ways: 

-        Download and fill out the Complaint Form completely.  Fax the form to the Court, or mail it to: 


Guardianship and Estates Ombudsman

1305 CAYMC

2 Woodward Ave.

Detroit, MI  48226


-        Call the Ombudsman’s Office at 313-224-0589 and a Complaint Form will be mailed to your address.  Fill out the form completely and mail or fax the form to the Court at 313-967-4037.


-        Come in person to the Wayne County Probate Court and pick up a Complaint Form.  Either fill it out completely at the Court and leave it with the receptionist or take it home and mail it back to the Court.



Rev. 03/20