Rev. 3/17/20




Pursuant to Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-1, the Wayne County Probate Court adopts the following policy regarding the filing of documents via fax or e-mail:

·        This policy is effective until the close of business Friday April 3, 2020 or as provided by a subsequent court order. 


·        Filings submitted by email can only be accepted in PDF format.



·         The following pleadings and documents, whether requiring a fee or not, will be accepted for filing via fax or email:


Where to send

E-Fax # or Email Address

Petitions for Immediate Funeral\Burial Arrangements

·        Petition and Order PC586

Service Clerk

(313) 967-4030


Guardianships Involving Life-Threatening Medical Emergencies

·        Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Incapacitated Individual PC625

·        Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a Minor PC651

·        Acceptance of Appointment PC571

Conservatorships with Immediate Pending Evictions/Foreclosures/Shut Off Notices

·        Petition for Appointment of Conservator PC639

·        Acceptance of Appointment PC571

Estates Where Immediate Access to Residence is Necessary

·        Petition for Probate and/or Appointment of Personal Representative PC559

·        Testimony to Identify Heirs PC565

·        Supplemental Testimony to Identify NonHeir Devisees PC566, if needed

·        Acceptance of Appointment PC571

Requests for Ex-Parte Temporary Restraining Orders

·        Attorney will draft the petition or Petition and Order PC586

Emergency Petitions Filed by Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services

·        See guardianship and conservatorship section above.

Mental Health Pick-Up\Transport Orders

·        Petition for Mental Health Treatment PCM201

Mental Health Petitions

·        See a full list of Mental Health forms here

Mental Health

(313) 967-4013


·       If payment is required, it may be submitted via ePayment or any other payment application which the Wayne County Probate Court chooses to utilize.  If payment is required, and a fee waiver is inapplicable or payment cannot be made online for another reason, the court may, in its discretion, accept the filing for processing and bill the petitioner to be paid at a later date.

·        Fax or email filings must:

o   Include a cover sheet (FAX) or in the body of an electronic message  provide the following information: case name/number, document title, and name/phone # of sender. 

o   Be on 8.5”x11” paper, and no smaller than 12-point font (MCR 1.109) – SCAO forms must be used where an SCAO form is available. 

·         Documents received during regular business hours of the court will be deemed filed on that business day.  Documents received after regular business hours and on weekends or designated court holidays will be deemed filed on the next business day.

·         Documents filed by fax or email are considered original documents.  The filing party shall retain the documents that were transmitted by fax as well as the fax confirmation sheet. 

·         A signature includes a signature transmitted by fax (MCR 1.109(E))