Probate Records Request/ Transcript Request

Records Request

How can I access probate court records?

You may go to the Court’s website,, and click on the “Case Access” tab.

Transcript Request

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need a transcript to appeal?

    Yes. Written transcripts may be ordered by using the court-approved “Request for Transcript” form. Provide the form to the certified court reporter you select to prepare the transcript.

  2. Can I get a written transcript of a matter not appealed?

    Yes. Written transcripts may be ordered by using the court-approved “Request for Transcript” form (see link below). Transcripts must be ordered in the Judge’s office or courtroom for the Judge where the court proceeding took place.

To Request a Transcript:

  1. Complete the form “(opens in new window)Request for Hearing Record and Transcript WCPC240” and submit it to the certified court reporter of your choosing.
  2. You may obtain names of certified court reports (CSR or CSMR) by accessing the Michigan Supreme Court's website (opens in new window)here .
  3. Here are a few local certified court reporters who may be available:

    Court Reporter Phone Number
    Sean Allen (313) 224-7044 or 224-0415
    Angell Cyars (313) 617-1844
    Dona Wash (313) 231-1090

    Court reporters or records are entitled to demand and receive per page for a transcript ordered by any person the sum of $1.75 per original page and 30 cents per page for each copy, unless a lower rate is agreed upon.” MCL 600.2543; see also MCL 600.878.

  4. The selected certified court reporter must present the completed “Request For Hearing Record” form to the Law Clerk by emailing, and will obtain a video record of the hearing to prepare the transcript.
  5. Please contact the Law Clerk at the email above if there are any questions regarding this process.

Rev. 05/21