Rev. 1/19

Pursuant to Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2002-54, the Wayne County Probate Court adopts the following policy regarding fax transmission of documents (MCR 2.406):


  • Pleadings requiring a fee will not be accepted for filing.
  • No fee will be charged for facsimile transmission of documents.
  • Faxed transmissions must:
    • Include a cover sheet containing: case name/number, document title, and name/phone # of sender.
    • Be no more than 20 pages, excluding the cover sheet.
    • On 8.5”x11” paper, and no smaller than 12-point font (MCR 1.109)
  • Documents received during regular business hours of the court will be deemed filed on that business day. Documents received after regular business hours and on weekends or designated court holidays will be deemed filed on the next business day.
  • Documents filed by fax are considered original documents. The filing party shall retain the documents that were transmitted by fax as well as the fax confirmation sheet.
  • A signature includes a signature transmitted by fax (MCR 2.114)
  • Any document may be filed via facsimile as long as no filing fee is required. See the chart below as to where specific documents should be faxed in the Wayne County Probate Court:
Document Where to send e-Fax #
Case evaluation/Mediation acceptance/rejections Court Attorney (313) 967-4042
Notice of Continued Administration Service Clerk (313) 967-4030
Sworn Statement to Close
Certificate of Completion
Inventory – Decedent Estate
Inventory- Conservatorship
Inventory -Trust
Answers Judge of Record Hon. Freddie G. Burton, Jr.
(313) 967-4045
Hon. David Braxton
(313) 967-4014

Hon. Judy A. Hartsfield
  (313) 967-4039
Hon. Terrance A. Keith
(313) 967-4023
Hon. Lawrence J. Paolucci
(313) 967-4020
Hon. David A. Perkins
(313) 967-4010
Attorney Withdrawals
Death Certificates
Guardian ad litem Reports
Proofs of Service with Notice of Hearing
Stipulated order (not petition) for withdrawal of attorney
Guardianship Reviews Administrative Coordinator (313) 967-4035
Mental Health Petitions
Report of Condition of Developmentally Disabled
Mental Health (313) 967-4013
Affidavit of Publication Records (313) 967-4041
Annual Reports
Proofs of Service without Notice of Hearing
Verification of Funds/Proof of Restricted Account
Change of Address
Waivers and Consents